Sonntag, 16. März 2014

week 7! ♥

Hey guys! 

It's weekend! Yeah!... ok, the weekend is nearly over :/ I hope you enjoyed it. I did, even that we had bad weather...
A storm was supposed to come over the weekend, a really huge one: Cyclone Lusi. Either I missed it or it was more like a wannabe storm. :D funny..

Yeah so I survived this weekend without any damages. :D
But let's start telling you about my last week.

The friday wasn't really exciting... In the evening it went to a Thai Restaurant with my hostsister and my hostmother and I think that's all what I've done after school. :D

On saturday morning I had to play tennis again, this time in an other team. All of my team have been really nice but a girl from the other team was so stupid! I had to play against her and she made me so angry... I'd really like to tel you the story why but it's too long...
In the afternoon I met a friend in Botany. (Botany Town Center is a shopping mall) So I went shopping again! I think I go shopping at least one time per week. :D
I know her from the sailing course and her name is Pauline. She's from Germany as well but she's at another school. I spent my afternoon with her and we had a lot of fun!

Sunday I slept in the morning! It was soo good to get the chance to sleep longer! It was the first time for a really long time! In the afternoon I went swimming for 1,5 hours to train for swimming sports :P haha no... just because I really love the water

Tuesday was the Swimming Sports Day! Yeah! It was a competition between all houses again and we had so much fun! I got 3rd in the Freestyle and Backstroke Relays and 1st in the Breaststroke Relay. :) I quallified for the Breaststroke Final but I couldn't join it because of an organisation mistake... too long stroy again. And too hard to explain in english :D but anyway.. I was really proud to be in a Final. :)) In the end our house came 2nd! Gooo Totara! Best house ever!♥

On wednesday I had sailing again and the weather was really nice so we could go out to the sea! It was so funny again and it was the 4th time already. :o Only 2 sailing lessons will follow! That's sad :( But maybe there's another course afterwards. If really hope so!

On friday I went to Botany Downs Seconday College, a school close to Pak College. Some of our Internationals had a soccergame against some of their Internationals and we went there to watch the game! Pakuranga College won of course! :P

Yesterday I went shopping to Sylvia Park with Natalie. :) I had lots of fun and I bought some presents ;) ♥ In the evening I watched a film. The Wolf of Wall Street? Have you seen the film already? Really weird movie... but not bad ;)
And I started to write some postcards! I will send them in the next few days. Wonder who gets his card first :)♥

That's all from me at the moment... sorry that the post isn't this long but I don't have a lot time.. I have to bake a carrot cake now!♥
118 days left and today in exactly one month is the half over!
Next week will be really exciting I think.
Monday: Photography Trip to Auckland
Tuesday: Dancing Assesment after school
Wednesday: Sailing
Thursday: Dancing Assesment after school
Friday: Ice Skating! UV-Light Party! Really looking forward to that!♥

Miss you lots guys! :(♥

See ya soon! 

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