Mittwoch, 5. März 2014

Updates :)♥

Hey guys! 

This post is in english and the next one will be in english as well. :) For those who are wondering why.. I promised it my sister and her boyfriend. So here you have your english post! Hopefully I don't do too many mistakes.

I don't have a lot to tell you but I just wanted to show you some pictures we took in photography yesterday. :) We worked together with the physics teacher so it was a "physics meets photography" lesson. 


There were a lot of other experiments as well... but most of us have been just interested in those lightning things. :D
I hope you like the pictures because admitted I really do! And I have to admitt that I photoshoped them a bit... :D But I always need the perfect pictures.

But that wasn't the only thing why I'm writing today. :) I had a bit of free time and I know that some said that they don't really like my layout from my blog. So I changed it today :) Mieze I hope you like it more now :P

I put some surveys at the margin from my blog. Would be nice if you could give me a feedback. :)♥

Hopefully the weather will be good tomorrow! I really looking forward to the athletics day!

Hope you have a nice day :)

See ya ♥

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  1. Erstmal thumbs up für das fast korrekte english ..Not bad! :) leider kann ich das neue layout net sehn weil ich grad am Handy bin -.- und da sah's Ja schon immer besser aus :D